Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Sunday, the Wrights came down from Jacksonville to go to church 
and spend the day at our house. 

We had a great lunch together and lots of time visiting. 
The boys played legos and videogames for a while and then the fun moved outside.

They went home about 5:30pm and about half of our family crashed out for a nap.
Later we decided to do s'mores out back with the fire pit.
They were yummy and we had a great time. 


Plus the boys found this great frog on the back porch.

Monday morning we slept in and just puttered around the house. 
We had leftovers for lunch.
In the late afternoon we packed all the bicycles up in the van 
and headed to Greenway Park to ride the trails. 

There are five miles of trails and we rode from the front of the park
all the way to the back and back to the front again. 

Here's the guys turning around at the halfway point. 

Parker even managed to find a little off-road hill to hit. 

We were very proud of Wesley for making it the whole way.

As a reward, we came home and had ice cream sundaes for dinner!

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