Saturday, September 1, 2012

Moving On Up To the Big Time

Parker aged out of t-ball and played soccer last spring (we missed the baseball signup deadline).

This fall we decided to give the next level of youth baseball a try. 
There are two different options in town: Little League at Carrigan Park 
or Cal Ripken at the Rotary Sportsplex. 

They both cost the same, involve player evaluations, using a pitching machine, practice in the month of September and play 2x a week for 6 weeks starting in October. 

So how did we decide? 

Little League couldn't tell us what nights they would play before assigning teams
and there would be the distinct possibility of Monday night and Wednesday night games. 
Since that would eliminate Scouts and Kid's Club, we went with the Cal Ripken league.
They play their games on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 6pm.

Thursday night Parker went for signup and player evaluations. 
He was measured for an official uniform, given a number (#56 out of 57 trying out)
and assigned to a group to rotate through the stations. 
We were a little nervous for him because he has not played baseball since before Thanksgiving last year. 

First station was timed running between the bases.

Next up was a combo - field the ball hit to you and throw it to the kid at first base. Repeat 2 more times.
He managed to field all three and had good aim on all his throws.

The last station was batting. 
Did I mention that they use a pitching machine at this age? 
The ball comes out between 35-40 mph. 

These kids are 6-8 years old in the Rookie age group. 
(Wesley was taller than some of the 6 year olds out there!)

Waiting for Bubba by watching the pitching machine. 

He got three chances to hit the ball. 
We were so proud that he was able to connect really well on the last one!

Now we wait. 
The coaches will meet next week to divide up the kids and make the teams as fair as they can.
Then we will get a call with our coach's name and practice schedule. 
Teams will practice twice a week through the end of September, then the games start.

Wesley was happy to explore the new fields a little bit as we were waiting. 


As a special treat afterwards, we visited the new yogurt place in town. 
Parker received a gift card to Peachwave from the orthodontist. 

You pick your yogurt from any of the dispensers on the wall,
top off with anything you want from the toppings bar
then you pay by the weight at checkout. 

It was really, really good. 

 That's Parker's at the top (bubble gum and strawberry yogurt), 
Wesley's on the right (vanilla)
Debbie's at the bottom (no sugar coffee and no sugar cheesecake)
and Daryl's on the left (chocolate and peanut butter).


Watching college football on the TV while eating their yogurt. 
Apparently it doesn't get much better than this when you are 8 and 4. 

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