Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Road Work

This has been the scene in front of our house for several days now. 
The city is replacing pipes throughout the neighborhood and now they have advanced to our street. 

Unfortunately, the rain has been slowing them down and our road is a huge muddy mess. 

They also tore out our mailbox last Friday so we have not been getting our mail. 
The internet has been spotty at our house since they started working too. 
And we haven't reached the end of the problem yet either. 

Since our driveway is pretty cracked, they aren't going to try to dig under it; they will tear it up.
When they are done, they'll patch it first with with lime rock. 
It could take up to three weeks then for the concrete crew to come out and repave it. 

The only upside to all of this? 

We have two boys. 
They think the machines lining our street are neat and that it's cool to see them up close. 

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