Monday, September 24, 2012

September Birthdays

This past Sunday it was time to celebrate all of the September birthdays in the Allen family: 
Uncle Kelly, Grandmommy and Aunt Barbara.

This time we traveled to Uncle Kelly and Uncle Nam's house in Tampa for the party. 
They have a fabulous house near Lake Magdalene. 

The boys were in love from the minute we pulled up and 
they realized that the house was 2 stories.

Then they realized that Uncle Nam has this amazing koi fish pond in the front yard. 

 The back yard was pretty impressive too. 
There was another koi pond and these fish were much bigger. 
Plus, they eat right out of your hand.



Wesley with Grannie out back.

 Inside we watched some of the Bucs game while we hung out. 
And the boys went up and down the spiral staircase like a gazillion times.
Of course Wesley found the fish inside too.


Uncle Nam made an awesome lunch for everyone (all 16 of us!) and then we celebrated
the birthday people with carrot cake and lots of presents. 

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