Sunday, October 7, 2012

Aunt Mona in Kansas

Last week Debbie spent some time in Kansas, "chaperoning" 12 pastors in their second year of provisional membership on a trip to the amazing Leadership Institute at Church of the Resurrection (the largest UMC in the country we believe).

Anyway, her Uncle Roger and Aunt Mona live in Kansas City and actually attend the church where the retreat was held. Mona had heart valve replacement surgery on Monday and Debbie had the chance to visit with them at the hospital on Thursday night.

Aunt Mona was in great spirits and actually went home on Friday. She has several weeks of therapy ahead but things are looking good. She was feeling so well in fact on Thursday that some friends of theirs brought in her favorite barbecue from a place called Oklahoma Joe's and we had a little mini party in the hospital room.

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