Thursday, October 25, 2012

Double with 2 RBI

On Tuesday night, the Rangers played against the Rays. 

In his first at bat, Parker struck out. 

In his second at bat, he got a double. This is him on second base! 

The best thing about his double? 
It also brought in 2 runs to bring the score to 7 for the Rangers against the Rays 2.  

This is Parker crossing home plate as he was batted in for another run.

The game was called early after the 5th inning (instead of the 6th)
when the Rangers reached 12 and the Rays only had 4. 
Since there's a 7 run rule per inning, there was no statistical way the Rays could win. 

Parker got rewarded with a trip to Peachwave for his great hit! 

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