Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Wesley!

This was Wesley today at school, rockin' the Jake and the Neverland Pirates Birthday badge.
He took in cupcakes for his class at school along with Pirate goody bags. 

Time for a birthday interview.......

So what's special about today? It's my birthday
How old are you? Five
Do you feel older? Yes
Taller? Yes
What's your favorite color? Green and Blue
What's your favorite food to eat? Macaroni and cheese and also dessert!
What's your favorite food that Mommy makes? Salad
Do you like to help around the house? Yes. It was fun putting up the Christmas tree.
Did you have a good birthday party? Yes and I got lots of presents.
What was your favorite family vacation this year? Going to Uncle Bill's in North Carolina and going to Sea World
What is your favorite thing to do? Friday night movie nights
Tell me one thing you love about your brother Parker? When we plays football and rides bikes with me.
How are you enjoying VPK? It's good.
What's the best part of the day at school? Thinking cause it means you are smart. 
What do you think you will be when you are older? A big brother.
What do you love about your Mom? Snuggling and reading.
What do you love about your Dad? When he plays with me. I like being outside and playing. 

So happy to celebrate our boy with the sunny disposition today as he turns 5! 

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