Saturday, November 17, 2012

School Days

This past Thursday we had the opportunity to spend time with both boys at school. 

Parker participates in a technology enrichment program - he works with Mrs. McMillen 30 minutes a day. For the first nine weeks the students worked on making movies of "Fractured Fairytales." Parker picked the Prince and the Pauper and created the entire movie using pictures and powerpoint and narrated the whole thing. The enrichment class showed off all of their Fairytale presentations on Thursday. Then we got to see Parker show off some skills in a great new movie maker program called "Frames." 

While walking up and down the hallway, we found his poster he made for class president. 
See the reasons he wrote down to vote for him? 

Because he is kind and friendly. 
He would make a good leader. 

Then we ran over to Carousel in time to catch Wesley's Thanksgiving program. 
His class had made these awesome turkey hats and sang several turkey songs.  

It was so cute to see and he did great. 
And he is also rockin' the behavior this week as well - another week of all purple! 

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