Monday, December 17, 2012

Family Pictures

At our first Druid Hill Pumpkin Patch in 2009, we met Cindi Williams, or Cindi with an Eye. 
She became our family photographer and we loved having her document our little family. 
But last year, not long after our photo shoot in downtown Ocala, 
Cindi and her family moved to Atlanta, Georgia. 

So when we were ready for family pictures this year we asked Cindi for a recommendation of a photographer in the Ocala area. She put us in touch with Laurie Wilson

We talked back and forth with Laurie on email about what we were looking for - 
specifically that we'd like to do some shots incorporating our adoption journey. 
At the end of October we met her one afternoon at the Starbucks on the west side of town. 
Then we followed her for a few miles even farther west 
until we came to this field on the side of the road. 
Trusting souls aren't we? 

We tromped around in the field for over an hour 
and the result is some really great shots of us as a family and of our boys. 
We were thrilled with the results and look forward to meeting up with Laurie 
again next year when Davis is officially home. 

The Family

The Brothers

The Parents 

 Parker Wayne 

Wesley Robert 

Daryl and the boys 

Debbie and the boys 


Celebrating Adoption

And of course the outtakes......
because you didn't really think that everyone was still and "good" the whole time did you? 


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