Monday, December 3, 2012

Frosty Festival

Last Friday night was the annual Frosty Festival at Parker's school - South Ocala Elementary. 

He and his friend Lindsi are in the Singing Yellow Jackets together. 
They performed seven of the songs from their Christmas presentation for the crowd. 

Lindsi is second from the left on the top row. 

Parker's favorite song to sing? I'm Getting Nuttin' For Christmas!
It was a big hit with kids and parents alike. 

Then it was time to head out into the yard and play some games. 
The Festival was different this year in that there was no ice slide or "snow."

Both of the boys tried to dunk Coach Glisson. 
Parker nailed him on the last ball. 

Then we waited in line for almost 45 minutes to spend 8 tickets on this.............

Parker proclaimed it "AWESOME!"

Then the boys were up for a ride on this giant slide. 

Wesley tried the Penguin Shuffle and won a prize. 

Cookie decorating was a favorite....
and the bonus was this was run by Parker's teacher Mrs. Danhauer. 

We finished up the night with Sock Wars in the music room. 

Just outside the music room we caught a glimpse of something cool in the art display case. 
Parker's is in the bottom background in the middle. 

It was a fun evening and afterwards we headed off for a FUN dinner.
We took the boys to Ale House and ordered appetizers for dinner - 
loaded french fries and Zinger nachos. 

Then back at home movie night was an all-family affair 
as we showed the boys the movie "Home Alone" for the very first time. 
They loved it so much they watched it again on Saturday! 

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