Thursday, December 6, 2012

We have DTC!

Because this week wasn't exciting enough with all of our news yesterday,
today was another big step in our adoption journey. 

Lifeline sent off our dossier to China 
That means we have DTC! 

A dossier is the official collection of 13 documents that is translated and logged in with the Chinese government who then gives official approval for the adoption. It includes: a letter of introduction, certified copy of each parent's birth certificate, certified copy of our marriage license, letters verifying each parent's employment status, health physical forms for each parent, notarized certificate of family income and property, local police background checks for each parent, a copy of our homestudy and our immigration approval form. 

We're so thankful for Lifeline and for Stephanie. 
We've heard that some agencies hold up your paperwork and 
send it off in batches. 
Ours always seems to go when it is ready. 
Also today Stephanie was missing a supplemental piece of paper for our dossier 
and was proactive in getting it taken care of from our homestudy provider. 

The next step is to wait for a log-in date (LID) 
with the CCCWA that governs the adoption process. 
Most often it takes at least a month to get a LID date after DTC. 

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