Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Batter Up

Parker has evaluations for baseball yesterday at the Rotary Sportsplex. He is moving from the Rookies up to the next level of Minors. So on Monday we took him for batting practice after school. It has been a while since fall ball ended and we did not want him to be "cold" for evaluations. There's a batting cage place in town called Batter Up Ocala. We had a coupon for a free token and that equals 20 pitches.

After driving by this place for several years, Parker was thrilled to finally get a chance to hit. We ended up buying some more tokens and he got a total of 100 pitches. He was definitely getting his swing back and had some great hits.

Evaluations went alright. There were a few new things he had to do at tryouts for Minors he did not have to do for Rookies - catch pop fly balls and pitch. We should hear something soon about what team he is on and practices should start in the next week or so.

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