Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas Vacation - Back in Seffner

Sunday night was time to celebrate Uncle Daniel's birthday back in Seffner.

Uncle Daniel and Aunt Dawn. 

Barbara and David.

Daryl and his Grandma.

Kelly and Nam horsing around with the kids.

The brothers and their families with Grannie.

Hanging out with Uncle Daniel.

Monday morning dawned and the boys dug into all of the Lego sets. 

Daryl and I managed to get in a run and I went to help my mom organize her garage 
and put away her Christmas presents. 

For the most part our New Year's Eve night went by quietly at Grandmommy and Granddaddy's. 
The boys did some sparklers and pop-its in the backyard. 

Then we took them over to Grandma's to show off their Lego building skills. 
When we got back we decided to let the boys stay up. 
Parker made it all the way to midnight. 
Wesley made a tactical error at 11:35 pm when he laid down next to Grandmommy on the couch. 
The snoring started after about 30 seconds. 

We slept in the next day and packed and loaded the van to head home to Ocala. 
It was a great vacation for our last as a family of four. 

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