Saturday, February 16, 2013

Can You Hear Me Now? Update

Yesterday we spent most of the day in Gainesville at Shands. 
Daryl had a CT scan of his head and then we saw the surgeon that the ENT recommended. 

The exam showed that the perforation in his eardrum is healing nicely.
There is a scab but it was not quite ready to come off. 
There are three hearing bones in your ear that work together to get the sound from the outside of your ear 
down into the inner ear where the nerves are. 
The CT scan showed that there is a lot of damage to the middle bone (the incus) in Daryl's ear, 
which is why the sound is not getting into the inner ear.
The surgeon is not sure exactly what has caused the damage. 
It could be a result of scar tissue from earlier surgeries, or caused by infections.

He gave us three options for treatment: 
1) Do nothing; 2) Get a hearing aid; 3) Have surgery to fix the damaged bone. 
The odds for the surgery are pretty good (80%) but that still means 1 in 5 people aren't helped 
or may actually end up with more damage. 
Daryl is to consider his options over the next ten weeks
as we wait for the perforation to heal completely. 
Then we will go back for another exam by surgeon and discuss how Daryl wants to proceed. 
Please keep us lifted up in prayer as we decide how to proceed.

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