Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Friday Surprise

Last week I got an email from Aunt Barbara. 
She was headed up to Jacksonville on Friday to see her daughter and
grandchildren for Mother's Day and would not be at our family gathering in Seffner. 

She wondered if we might be able to meet up on Friday afternoon somewhere while she was driving by.
So I met her on the front porch rocking chairs at Cracker Barrel parking lot shortly after 2pm. 

And she had this beautiful present for Davis to give to us!

Isn't it just wonderful? We love it.
She ordered it on Etsy - the province highlighted is Guangdong where Davis is from
and she even managed to get it in Gator colors to match the boys' room!

Thank you so much to Aunt Barbara and Uncle David for this beautiful addition to Davis' room. 

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