Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Getting Antsy

This wait for confirmation of our consulate appointment is getting old, especially since several families that we were on the same timeline with regarding paperwork are in China right NOW picking up their children. My Facebook newsfeed has lit up this week with beautiful pictures of children meeting their forever families. I know in my head it's better for us to wait and go in mid-June after Annual Conference and the boys are out of school, but my arms ache to hold my little boy and to introduce him to his Daddy and brothers. Sometimes it is just hard to sleep at night, with one of your children halfway around the world.

We were hopeful to hear confirmation of our consulate appointment this week, or to receive our final update on Davis from the orphanage. But the US Consulate in Guangzhou had an facilities emergency on Monday afternoon and is now closed for the rest of week. That means of course it will take longer for us to hear back. But while that is an annoying inconvenience for us, this closure is wreaking havoc on the traveling schedules of all the adoptive families in China now. There are over 70 families effectively stuck in Guangzhou. The closure meant those who had their appointments Monday could not go back on Tuesday to pick up their child's visa. It also meant that all appointments on Tuesday-Thursday will have to be postponed and rescheduled into next week. These families are facing rearranging of flights and extension of hotel reservations and for some the possibility of one parent returning home to the US, while the other waits in China with their child for the situation to be resolved. Please continue to lift up our schedule in prayer as well as this situation in Guangzhou and all the families affected.

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