Sunday, June 16, 2013

Family Gathering

On the way home from Annual Conference, we stopped in Seffner for the afternoon. 
The boys got to play with their cousins and then we enjoyed a lovely dinner 
at Grandmommy and Granddaddy's house.
This was to celebrate my birthday and Father's Day.

Here's my Panda Bear cake, compliments of Grandmommy!

Birthday presents this year all fit in cards - 
much appreciated gift cards and cash to help out with our trip to China!

Then it was time for Father's Day presents. 
The boys picked out and signed the cards they gave all by themselves. 
First Granddaddy - his card included a button that said "Grandpas know everything!"

Like the ladies last month, the men received Chinese name shirts. 
Paternal Grandpa in Mandarin is YeYe. 

And then it was Daryl's turn. 
His card had a giant magnet included that said, 
"A Great Dad Like You Should Have the Very Best!"

And Daddy in Mandarin is "BaBa."

It was nice to have my mom come over today and join in the celebrations as well. 
She has a milestone of her own coming up that she is excited about.....
The day we get home from China is her last day of work - she is retiring.
We're glad she is able to do that and have less pressure on her and her health. 

We finally headed home towards Ocala about 7:30pm - as Wesley says, 
"Just three more sleeps" until we are back in Seffner preparing for China. 

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