Friday, August 30, 2013

A Little Bit of This and That

Time for a few updates again on the family.....

Daryl continues to recuperate from his ear surgery. He was able to preach in worship last Sunday. The last few days he has had more pain as his ear is starting to wake up and not be numb anymore. The last of my test results came back fine and I've been busy finishing up a few projects this week at home before heading back to work next week. 

Parker seems to like his teacher but not the homework that he has, as there is more writing this year. He is thoroughly enjoying the ability to get school lunch this year and comes home every day telling us about something new that he tried and he liked. Wesley enjoys kindergarten. He gets up so easy in the mornings and is always asking if it's time to leave yet on his bike. Wesley isn't so thrilled about the lunch food choices - he has eaten a peanut butter and jelly sandwich every single day. 

Davis has been upset each day as we have dropped him off at Carousel but shortly after he gets there he seems to settle down. He's always thrilled when we come to pick him up. He's sleeping a bit better, still waking up but not quite as much. When he first came to us, he refused to sleep with blankets or with bears - now he likes to be tucked in with a blanket and occasionally the teddy bear gets a hug at night. More signs of him getting comfortable include the fact that he likes for us to put lotion on his dry skin now (he wanted nothing to do with that for the longest time) and now he also lets us rub his back, where he used to pull away. Potty training is coming along better. He's staying drier and in the last few days Davis has been coming to get us waving a diaper when he's wet, or better still when he needs to go. Finally, it lasted almost nine weeks but Davis is tattling on his brothers now. He will come and get Daryl or I, call out the offender's names, chattering on and gesturing at them with a big frowny face! 

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