Monday, August 26, 2013

Davis and the Carousel

Davis went to Carousel today, but it wasn't the kind that goes round and round with music and horses. No, Davis headed off to school at Carousel Early Learning Center. This is the center that is around the corner from our house, that Wesley attended from the fall of 2010 until he graduate from VPK this spring. He will be attending part-time this week in preparation for attending full-time next week when I go back to work. 

Despite the face here (he wanted to come see the pictures on the camera), Davis was excited to get a backpack like his brothers - we packed his small panda bear and a sports blanket in a "Bob the Builder" backpack for nap time. 

Davis happily got in the car and I talked to him about how he was going to big boy school to play with other kids and how we would come and get him later that day. He took it in stride and seemed fine getting out of the car and going inside. 

I signed Davis in on the computer and took him into his class with Miss Krista.  This is an intermediary class with only five students today, comprised of older two's and younger three's. Davis was not happy when he realized that I was leaving him there, so I snuck out a side door. I stood in the front office and watched him on the video screens there for a while. He stopped crying fairly quickly and let Miss Krista pick him up, backpack and all. She carried him around and introduced him to the rest of the class. Then it was circle time - he sat right next to her on the rug, backpack still on his back, while the rest of the class sang their morning songs. 

To be honest, the hours in between dropoff and pickup this afternoon dragged. It felt so weird without my shadow around. Daryl kept me busy running a few errands and took me to lunch. When the big boys got home from school at 2:30, the four of us zipped off to pick up Davis. He was headed out towards the playground in a line of kids with the afternoon teacher, Miss Victoria, when he saw us and ran towards us with a smile. He had the panda bear from his backpack in his arms. We gathered up his stuff from the cubby - he had a good report which indicated he had eaten some of his lunch and snacks, and slept during naptime. And because the director Miss Tammy knew how nervous I was about leaving him there today, she took pictures on the digital camera of him during the day and printed them out for us to see! (There are video cameras there that we can watch his classroom on from home, but our account had expired and we have to wait to get a new login id). 

All in all, it seems that Davis' first day at Carousel went well. We're praying that the rest of the week goes as well for our little guy as he makes this adjustment. 

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