Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fishing Time

Monday was the second night of Cub Scouts and everyone headed to Tuscawilla Park in Ocala to go fishing. The boys look forward to this every single year. We are the only Cub Scout family who showed up without our own fishing gear - that's because the only time we fish is once a year when we go with the Scouts! We borrowed fishing poles from the Cubmaster and got Parker and Wesley set up with worms on their hooks. 

Honestly we don't have high expectations when we go. The most our family has ever caught in a single night is one fish. It's just fun to be there and to try and this year it was fun to show Davis what was happening. But this time the boys hit the jackpot. They each caught 3 fish! 

Fish #1 belonged to Wesley!

2nd catch for our family belonged to Parker.

Followed closely by catch #3, making that  fish #2 for Parker.

Catch #4 and #5 came in back to back, making 3 fish for Parker and 2 for Wesley.

Last chance of the night, this guy had catch #6 for fish #3 and a tie with his big brother.

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