Monday, August 12, 2013

Last Week In Review

Besides our other stuff at Shands last week, we had a lot of other stuff happening. The boys went back to YMCA camp. They were originally scheduled for basketball camp but we got a phone call when we were in Tampa on Monday that the location had been changed from one block away at the Lutheran school to the Salvation Army gymnasium on the northeast side of town. Since basketball camp only lasts from 9-2 and doesn't feed them either, we talked with the boys and opted to send them down the backyard to YMCA's "Dr. Suessville" themed week of camp and they enjoyed it. 

We sold some of our old furniture - the dining room table with leaf and six chairs, plus the hutch and also our old bedframe. Most of this furniture has been stored in the empty Belleview UMC for the last two years along with an old TV and stand. For several months this spring, we loaned the table and chairs and bedframe to our friend Tracy who was temporarily living in the area, serving as an interim pastor. Tracy moved to a permanent appointment in Orlando while we were in China and her church agreed to store it until we got back. But we couldn't take it back to Belleview to store because they sold the parsonage this summer. So everything ended up back our house, taking up one side of the garage for about two weeks. I put pictures on Facebook and sold everything to some local friends. Finally we have both of our cars back in the garage. 

We had some fun with friends last week as well. Debby Baugher and her girls stopped by one afternoon to visit with Davis and bring him some more cars to play with. On Thursday morning we visited Uncle Charles at his office in order to introduce Davis to Roxanna there. She served as the notary for much of our adoption process. Davis had a good time at the office because Uncle Charles has a great big sea shell on his shelf full of candy! And on Friday morning, Davis and I went over to Aunt Eunice and Uncle Charles' house to go swimming in their pool. It was so nice to be able to relax in the water again and we had a great time visiting with Eunice and Shadow the dog. 

On Wednesday our power went out at 3:40 and stayed off for the next 4 hours. We gave up about 2 hours into our blackout and used a gift card to go to dinner at Olive Garden. We were thankful for their cold AC as much as their good food! Davis enjoyed their kids ravioli, breadsticks and a lot of their garlic mashed potatoes. Other than that we've been eating at home for the most part this week and I've gotten back into the swing of daily cooking. Davis seems to like pretty much everything we eat, although I think he particularly enjoyed the chicken and yellow rice with peas. 

Friday night we took the boys downtown in between the rain showers for the street party celebrating the opening of Disney's new Planes movie (we hope to catch the movie later). We found a parking spot a couple of blocks over and happened to park a couple of spaces down from a Lotus!  Then we wandered over to the Marion Theatre. Members of the Ocala Flying Model Club had several of their aircraft out on display and all of the boys seemed to enjoy taking a look. When the rain started picking up we headed to Peachwave for some yogurt. Davis isn't real crazy about super cold foods, so we got him a container with assorted toppings and let him enjoy. He started out at a table with Daryl and I but soon ended up smack in the middle of his brothers.  

A good portion of our weekend was consumed with getting ready for the impending start of school, which starts August 19. Parker and Wesley tried on every single piece of clothing in their drawers and closets and we sorted out and moved things around as needed. In the process their closets got cleaned and we managed to organize all of their toys as well. On Sunday we finished getting the needed school supplies (still need a few articles of clothing) and Daryl also started the test runs with them in riding their bikes to school together. School starts a week from today!

Wesley's side of the closet he shares with Davis. 
Parker's closet. 

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