Saturday, August 10, 2013

Time in Tampa

We finished up our time in Tampa on Monday. After breakfast and Daryl playing a great round of Tetris to get all of our stuff in the van (including the Cozy Coupe) we headed out. 

Our first stop was to see Grandmommy at her office. 

Then it was time for the Disney store at Brandon mall where we scored some good sale deals - a backpack for Parker and lunchboxes for both he and Wesley. We followed that up with a trip to IKEA in Tampa, where we had fun playing around and everyone got Swedish meatballs for lunch. 

It had been a busy weekend and by the end of our time, someone was sleepy. He just laid his head down and went right out. He slept through checkout and loading up the van. 

We made one last stop at Oceanic Supermarket. Uncle Nam had recommended it. We were looking for the hard candies (Nimm2) that Davis loved in China and also the Nestle chocolate wafer bars he liked with the shark on the wrapper. We couldn't find either, but it was still a really neat experience. It was exactly like being in a grocery store in China, even down to the meat, fish and vegetable displays. And it had the same smell. You could close your eyes, inhale deeply and forget that you were standing in downtown Tampa.  

We got stuck in a horrible traffic jam on I275 North and so our 1.5 hour trip home turned into 2.5 hours. The boys were all so tired, they slept most of the way. Which was nice when we got home because they had plenty of energy to help us unload the van and get settled in. 

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