Thursday, August 22, 2013

Update On Daryl

Daryl is continuing to rest at home as best he can and heal. This afternoon we were able to take off the big bandage from around his head. That helped relieve some of the pain. It also meant we got our first glimpse at the surgical site behind Daryl's ear and got to look into his ear as well.

There is a lot of packing still inside his ear that we can't mess with until his 3 week post-operative visit on September 11th. Daryl said it feels pretty tight and uncomfortable, like the inside of his ear is being stretched. The incision behind his ear runs the entire length of his ear and looks like it has been glued back together. 

Besides the pain, his main symptom is dizziness. We were warned about that and told it is normal because of working on the inner ear (affecting balance) and the dizziness is also compounded by the pain medicine. Thankfully he doesn't seem to be experiencing another side effect they warned us about - loss of taste. He mostly had crackers last night, but today his appetite was better and things seem to taste as they should. We're praying for a good night's rest this evening and hoping tomorrow is much, much better for him. 

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