Sunday, September 1, 2013

All Good Things Must Come To an End

So yesterday was the last official day of my maternity leave. I have been on leave since June 17, which is eleven weeks and ten Sundays. I worked some last week from home while Davis was at daycare part-time, writing a sermon and prepping for worship today, as well as chairing a district Committee on Ordained Ministry meeting. But today was my first official day off of leave and back in the pulpit. It did feel good to be back in leading worship and preaching once again, and it was good to see so many of the familiar faces that I had missed in Belleview. Davis joined me up front for part of the last song and also the benediction (which I forgot!), and then we greeted everyone at the back door as they left church - Davis handed out a bunch of high fives and fistbumps and made quite a nice impression.

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