Monday, October 21, 2013

Fun with School Friends

Davis has really been enjoying his school experience more and more. If we drag our feet getting ready in the morning, he goes and grabs his clothes and talks about going bye-bye to school. He greets the fish in the office aquarium every morning and points out his picture on his classroom wall. He has friends in his class who greet him everyday when he arrives and who hug him goodbye at the end of the day. He can recognize his name in English and pick it out on the name wall. Everyone seems to just love him at Carousel and all the kids and teachers look out for him. They all think he is just so sweet and he follows directions and the rules so well. He still sleeps with his panda bear at nap time, but he does not carry the panda bear around with him all day long anymore. This means he can have more fun out on the playground and he has been enjoying the playground equipment more. One day last week when we went to pick him up, it took him several minutes to realize we were all there because he was having so much fun.....he can't reach the pedals to help push, but he holds on tight and everyone else takes him for a ride!

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