Friday, December 20, 2013

Back to Shands

This morning Daryl and I took Davis with us up to Shands for a quick trip. We had been referred to a pediatric urologist there by our pediatrician to talk about circumcision. It's interesting to see the progression of how Davis did today versus how he did with doctors when we first came home. He started to fuss just a little bit when they put us in the room to check his weight, but he hopped up on the scale and weighed in at 29 pounds (gain of 4 in six months!). When we went into the exam room and the nurse started to take his temperature and blood pressure, he very clearly stated several times "I want to go bye-bye now" but again he let the nurse do what she needed to do. He wanted to sit on the exam table with the crinkly paper right until Dr. Demarco walked into the room. Then he told us that he wanted to leave again. He cried only a little bit while being examined but cooperated in laying still for the exam. Dr. Demarco talked with us about the procedure and what it would entail for Davis at his age - it will need to be outpatient surgery under anesthesia that will take less than one hour. So we met with the scheduler and Davis is all set for Thursday, March 20th. 

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