Sunday, December 15, 2013

One More Parade

Today was the Belleview Christmas Parade. We decided to enter again and the Visual Arts Ministry folks turned the church bus into a float. The theme for this year's parade was White Christmas - wishful thinking in our 60 degree weather.  We had church members ride inside the bus and walk alongside the bus. Davis opted to ride inside and actually took a good nap sprawled out on a seat. Parker, Wesley and I walked outside, holding signs advertising our upcoming Christmas Drive Thru and handing out candy and fliers about the church. 

Not sure how Gary rigged the inflatable snowman to the top of the bus but he did a great job! 

The parade started at 2pm and it was 2:45 before we made it from the staging area onto the main road. We were #38 in line with about 6 more groups behind us. Everyone seemed to have a great time together. 

So far Davis' first Christmas has involved two parades and a school carnival. Not a shabby start to celebrating the holiday. 

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