Thursday, January 2, 2014

Legoland Adventure

We made good on a year-long promise to the boys on Monday of this week - to take them back to Legoland. We had to cut our first visit a bit short last year and didn't get to see everything. Plus Parker and Wesley were excited this year to introduce Davis to another theme park. Thankfully, the weather was cool and overcast and the park was not as full on a Monday as last year's weekend visit. 

First up was this new land, World of Chima. We rode The Quest for CHI first, 
which was a water ride, and then headed over to race cars in the Speedorz Arena.

In Lego Kingdoms land, we rode Merlin's Challenge - which Davis loved because it had train shaped vehicles - and the big boys did the Royal Joust.

Next up was Land of Adventure. We rode Lost Kingdom Adventure which was a inside ride like a videogame where you shoot targets for points. Then Davis wanted to do the Beetle Bounce while the big brothers played in Pharoah's Revenge.

Someone is an adrenaline junkie. He wanted to do this again as soon as it was over. 

We wandered over to Lego City and took Davis to the Jr. Driving School. Kids 3-5 can drive small cars here on a closed track. He had a bit of trouble holding the pedal down while steering, but he did manage to get partway around the track.

It's a real SUV made out of Legos, in front of the big kids driving school.
The big brothers heading out on their track to pick cars and drive around for a while. 

Then we worked as a family in one of the police vehicles at Rescue Academy.
We came in 2nd! 

We spent time next in the Imagination Zone and at Hero Factory. Davis fell asleep waiting to go inside.

The big boys got 15 minutes to build Hero Factory lego men and
then had to turn them back in before leaving.

Wesley desperately wanted to see the pirate show at the ski stadium. So off we went. We ended up in the soak zone down front and eventually moved to the stairs closer to the top of the stadium to finish watching the show. 

We had burgers and fries for lunch sitting on an outdoor deck by the stadium. Our view at lunch.

Since we had time, we took the opportunity to head through the old Cypress Gardens part of the park.

A Lego model of one of the old Southern Belles from Cypress Gardens. 

This banyan tree is over 80 years old. 

As we were leaving the gardens area, the ski show was going on again.
Wesley really wanted to watch it again and so we sat on the hillside.

Miniland with all of its city skylines and scenes from Star Wars movies is always a hit. 
The scale on these Lego creation is incredible. 

This is a model of the new Space Shuttle Viewing area at Kennedy Space Center.
We promised the boys we would see the real thing on vacation in March. 

While waiting for the Lego Chima movie in 4D, we caught this great band playing Christmas tunes
(almost all of them were on stilts!)

Following the movie, we went to ride the Island in the Sky, with great views of the park and the lake.

Dinner was unconventional. We did Granny's Apple Fries - fried apple pieces in the shape of french fries, doused in cinnamon and sugar and served with whipped cream.

We did some souvenir shopping and stuck around for the nighttime fireworks show. Legoland gives you 3D glasses and when you put them on, it makes the fireworks look like Lego bricks as they pop in the sky. The big boys were jazzed because one of the Lego Hero Factory characters served as the DJ for the fireworks show. The show was really impressive.

Davis fell asleep in his stroller on the way back to the car and slept the whole way back to Seffner. Once we got back and got baths, Daddy helped them put their Lego kits together. 

It was a really, really nice day together and we enjoyed the park alot.
We're looking forward to going again when we are in Orlando for spring break. 

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