Saturday, February 1, 2014

Grandma Update

At one point this past week, Grandma's radical mastectomy was scheduled for February 5th. And then we went to meet with the oncologist on Friday morning at Moffitt. My mom's PET scan from the day before showed progressive growth of the cancer in the breast, the lymph nodes, bones and also has now reached her liver. Dr. Han did not want Grandma to proceed with next week's surgery because the cancer needs to be treated systemically instead of just in one area and in a more aggressive manner. So we spent a few hours going over the options available for chemotherapy and Grandma is signed up for a chemo clinical trail that will give her the baseline chemo that she needs and possible also another new drug in phase 2 testing designed to help boost her immune system. Grandma will need to have another CT scan plus some bloodwork done this week - and then she will go for her chemo port on Friday and start taking the experimental pill that day as well. That will be considered day 1 of her 21 day treatment cycle. Days 1-14 involve taking the experimental pill at home. Day 8 Grandma will need to go to Moffitt for her IV of chemo and then days 15-21 are "off." When this cycle has repeated itself twice, Grandma will need to go for another PET scan to see how things are working. Dr. Han is hopeful that this will provide Grandma some relief from the pain she is experiencing and in the meantime, she has changed her pain meds to help allow her some relief and better sleep.

Thank you to everyone who continues to keep the boys Grandma (my mom Ellen Keller) in your prayers and checking in with her and with us. We certainly do appreciate your support.

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