Sunday, March 2, 2014

Good Friends and Good Fun

It's been too long since we've seen our very good friends the Wrights who live in Jacksonville. 
This weekend they were able to travel down to visit us. The grownups had lots of wonderful time to visit and the boys had lots of fun playing together - whether it video games or the trampoline in the backyard. Jonathan made us a wonderful barbecue chicken dinner on Saturday night and this was my special dessert treat. 

We even had a fire in the fire pit and enjoyed some yummy s'mores! 

This was our "secret project" - a Lego castle sermon illustration for Daryl for Sunday morning (to illustrate about the kingdom of God). The thing came with 996 pieces, and had three different instruction books for assembling the pieces. Parker did one book, Aunt Tanya did one book and Daryl and Wesley worked on the third book. 

These guys made some interesting music during the Lego assembly and had fun goofing around. 

The weather was so beautiful Sunday afternoon following church 
that we all hung out in the backyard again. 

Eventually it was time to say goodbye for now. Davis was SO upset to see them all go. Love these dear, dear friends. We're working on a date soon to take the family up to Jacksonville to see them again. 

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