Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Family Time

Our family time in Seffner for Easter Sunday was wonderful. The cousins have picked up some new animals at their house - two goats, four chicks and two ducks. We all got a chance to hang out with the menagerie and even Grannie came outside to feed a goat. 

Here's Grannie with all 6 of her great-grandchildren - ranging in age from 3-15 years old. 

Grandmommy made theses cute peeps driving Twinkie cars for everyone's place at the Easter table. 

After lunch it was time for the birthday celebrations - Parker and Uncle Nam. Parker asked Grandmommy for a Minecraft cake this year and she delivered. Uncle Nam likes lemon cake.

The birthday boy finally gets to celebrate with the whole family, 
almost a month after his birthday. He was pretty excited. 
And Wesley took on a new role as firestarter with the cakes. 

The new 10 year old got just what he wanted for his birthday....another Kingdom Keepers book, plus four books in the Percy Jackson Lightning Thief series and an awesome Lego set. 

Uncle Nam's turn. 

When everyone was stuffed from cake, we switched back to Easter presents for a while. 
Grandmommy and Granddaddy had awesome t-shirts for the boys - Lego for Parker, Despicable Me for Wesley and Mickey Mouse for Davis. Here's the baskets Daryl and I put together for the boys - Ninja/Parker, Sports/Wesley and Pirate/Davis - with a little bit of candy, some cool new matching t-shirts and Spiderman cups. Plus Aunt Barbara and Uncle David put together candy bags for the kids too. 

Time to go hunt Easter eggs in the backyard. Cousin Micah graduated from hunting to hiding the eggs this year and hid a dozen for each of the other kids. A few special eggs with stickers had $1 bills in them. 

What happens when the eggs are hidden too high for you to reach? Uncle Daniel gives you a lift. 

More Easter fun this time from Uncle Kelly and Uncle Nam in the front yard. The kids had to hunt around for the nest of Easter eggs - the guts of the eggs had been cleaned out and in the top of each one was tucked an $1 bill made into an origami chick. Each of the kids got 2 eggs from the nest. 

We finished up our day of Easter fun with Grandma. She had been over for most of the festivities at Grandmommy and Granddaddy's and we went to her house so she could give the boys their Easter baskets from her. The new matching Lego Batman jammies were a big hit. 

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