Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Break Vacation - Friday

Our vacation Friday was spent at Legoland, enjoying a nice day with Grandmommy and Granddaddy who met us there. It was their first time at the park and since we have annual passes, we tried to strike a balance between making sure we hit a few specific highlights and just letting everyone relax and have a good time. Miniland was a big hit with everyone. The big boys enjoyed New York, where all kinds of characters had been added to make it look like a scene from the Lego Movie. 

Wesley, Daryl, Granddaddy and I rode the Technic coaster while the rest of the family hung out in the test car out front.


Davis got to drive again at the Ford Jr Driving School. It took him a while but he finally got the hang of pushing the pedal down.

While Daryl and the big boys rode the Lego Chima water ride, the rest of us took Davis to see the characters. He was so excited and walked right up by himself.

Merlin's Challenge is one of Davis' favorite rides in the park and he took a spin with Grandmommy. 

Getting some Grandmommy snuggles. 

Can you guess who got the high score in this car at the Lost Kingdom Adventures? 

Time for Wesley's favorite event - the Pirate Ski Show. 

The big boys tried the Kid Power Towers for the first time and LOVED it! 

And then we took a stroll through the old Cypress Gardens park. 

There was one very interesting tree that was shedding so much it looked like snow on the ground in places.

Our day also included time at the 4D movie, a ride on the Island in the Sky and lots of yummy food: the pizza/pasta buffet, ice cream and even some of the Granny Apple Fries. We stayed until the park closed at 6pm and headed off to find dinner in town. It was such a nice day to spend with family and enjoy one of the boys' favorite places. 

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