Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Brothers Three

Last week for our first full week of summer at home, the two big boys went to YMCA camp at Druid Hills and Davis continued at daycare. The boys were happy to go swimming with camp three days and also got a chance for a movie field trip - to see Frozen! This week Parker is at Cub Scout Twilight Camp (in the afternoons and evenings) while Wesley has been at the YMCA camp in the daytime and Davis has continued his usual routine at Carousel. The younger boys have clearly felt Parker's absence in the evenings and keep asking when he will be home. It's a trial run for a couple of weeks from now when Parker goes to church camp again for an entire week away from home. 

There have been some cute moments recently with the boys. Davis and Wesley got new sheets for their beds recently and got free rein to pick (from the character sheets on sale at Target!). Davis went right for Spiderman and Wesley picked out Lego Movie sheets.

A trip to Best Buy is never complete without time for all of the boys to test out video games.

Checking out cars at Toys R Us - we were doing some recon for presents since Davis turns 4 soon

Hanging out in Staples 

Dinner at China Buffet for "Gotcha Day" - Davis polished off wonton soup, several dumplings, 
noodles and a couple of spring rolls. Wesley's favorite thing here is the free ice cream and checking out the koi fish before and after the meal.

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