Saturday, August 9, 2014

Another Goodbye and Hello

In 2002, my grandparents bought this minivan brand new. After my grandmother died in 2007, the van went to my dad. In 2011 after my dad died, the van came to us. It has served our family well for a very long time and been very reliable. It has 101,000 miles on it now and needed some expensive repairs to the engine mounts and air conditioner. So Saturday we said goodbye to the minivan and traded it in for a newer vehicle. 

We've been researching vehicles for the last couple of months and decided that we wanted a Ford Flex. Daryl's been combing the internet for used ones in the state of Florida. He found one at a dealership in south Florida that was a 2013 with 23,000 miles in our price range with all the features we were looking for. He went back and forth with them on price this week, gave them the specs on the van so they could figure our trade in, and got our bank financing all lined up this week. So Friday night we drove down to Clewiston and spent the night. Saturday we drove over to Belle Glade, went for a test drive, and came home with a new-to-us Flex. It's black with a silver top - the kids are calling it Darth Vader. 

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