Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Beach Time

We spent last week at our favorite little piece of paradise - Siesta Key Beach. We bought a cute little tent to put up on the sand and that helped us be able to stay down on the beach longer each day. And some of the guys even took naps they were so relaxed.

We had lots of time to play in the water and on the sand. 

There was plenty of good food. Daryl made breakfast six out of the seven days: cinnamon rolls twice,
breakfast burritos, waffles with bacon, biscuits with sausage gravy and french toast.

We ate out at some of our favorite restaurants at night including Dacquiri Deck, Captain Curt's, Old Salty Dog - and got ice cream twice at Big Olaf's.

The boys had a blast in the pool in the afternoons. Davis especially got more comfortable with the water as the days went on. He loves going under the water - he called this group hug "cheek to cheek" and would have everyone go under the water together. Afterwards he would give out high fives and say "Good job everyone!" The videos show the boys enjoying jumping into the pool and showing off their moves. The video of Davis jumping with Daryl was a few days in - when he's jumping on the last day with Grandmommy you can see he has NO fear!

And there were plenty of beautiful sunsets to enjoy in the evenings too. It was just what we needed; a very wonderful time of rest and relaxation in one of our favorite places.

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