Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Happy Birthday

August 25th has always been a day of celebration for me because it was my mom AND my dad's birthdays. There were both born on August 25, just two years apart. Last year mom's birthday fell on a Sunday and she came up for worship, lunch at Grace Japanese Steakhouse and then back to our house for presents and ice cream cake.  

This year we spent Monday the 25th remembering and honoring my mom and my dad. We met up with Grandmommy and Granddaddy as well as my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Sparky at the cemetery and Daryl led us in the service of interment for my mom's ashes. Then we went out to lunch with my aunt and uncle at one of Mom and Dad's favorite restaurants - the Columbia in Ybor City. It's actually where Daryl and I had our rehearsal dinner for our wedding 15 years ago. We had a great time talking together over lunch.

And when we got home, these beautiful flowers were waiting for us from my Aunt Susie in Indiana. 

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