Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Open House

Last night we spent time at South Ocala Elementary for Open House. Since I didn't get to go to "Meet-the-Teacher" while I was in Denver, it was my first opportunity to meet the teachers and see the classrooms that Daryl had already visited. 

Both Parker and Wesley have two teachers each this year. Wesley spends half his day with Ms Slagle, for reading and for social studies and then switches rooms to spend science and math with Ms Donaldson. He's doing great with both teachers. He was excited to show us the reading ranch area in Slagle's classroom and how he was the first student to meet his AR reading goal and get his wagon on the wall.  Most of the science learning centers around engineering and involves projects. He has to bring in an action figure so they can build parachutes and talk about gravity. And this is first grade! 

Parker spend half of his day with Mr. Cooke for science and math and then switches over to Ms Curley for reading and social studies. He is also doing well in both classrooms and he is on Mr Cooke's traveling Lego robotics team and a homework checker for Ms Curley's class. We found this picture of him with his FLAME (gifted) class and their garden from last year on the board outside that classroom as we were wandering the halls. 

At the end of open house we stayed for the Safety Patrol meeting to find out information about this year's trip to Washington DC. All the Safety Patrol kids at South Ocala are included. They will be going in March of 2015 for a week through Educational Tours. It's not a cheap endeavor, but it will definitely be an amazing experience for Parker judging by the itinerary. 

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