Monday, December 1, 2014

Disney Time

These guys had no idea when we packed up the car on Wednesday that instead of going straight to Seffner, we were stopping at Disney for the afternoon. 

It was the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving 17 years ago when Daryl invited me to go "look at Christmas lights with him." We ended up at the church in the prayer garden waiting for it to get dark. That's where he asked me to marry him - and we never got around to looking at Christmas lights that night! We've seen a lot of Christmas light displays since then, but somehow it seemed appropriate to spend this Wednesday before Thanksgiving with our boys looking at the huge Osborne Family Christmas light display inside Hollywood Studios. 

We started off with Wesley's favorite attraction - Lights, Motors, Action!

Then some dinner in Toy Story's Pizza Planet.

We saw the Muppets 3D show and then it was finally dark enough to wander through the Christmas light display - over 5 million Christmas lights timed to music. It was really spectacular! 

We finished up our evening with two turns on Star Tours. Davis was finally tall enough to ride this "big boy" ride and he loved it.  We love that there are so many different variations of this ride - we ended up on Hoth the first time and then the Wooki planet the second time through. 

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