Sunday, March 1, 2015

Prayer Workshops

This morning at BUMC we welcomed one of our clergy couple friends to preach on prayer. Charissa spoke about "A Well-Watered Garden: Cultivating a Life of Prayer." 

After worship there were opportunities for folks to explore different ways of praying in some open prayer stations and also a prayer painting class led by Charissa. Parker opted to be with me in the Brokenness Being Transformed class which involved praying while tearing paper and then creating a new picture. 

Wesley wanted to go to the prayer painting class (he's sitting in the back right corner). He really enjoyed painting with watercolors in his new journal. 

The boys were fascinated by the idea of the portable prayer labyrinth. They helped before worship setting it up, and spent some time exploring it before helping to put it away after the workshops.

We picked up Daryl and took Charissa to lunch. It was good to get some time with her again.

Wesley spent his afternoon continuing to paint in his prayer journal. Here we have "Communion," a campfire and a beautiful tree outside.

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