Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tooth Time

Monday morning Davis went to see Dr. Ron - the pediatric dentist in town. He got his very first cleaning. He didn't want to lay down in the chair, so Miss Pam was gracious enough to do this while Davis was sitting up. He let them take the panoramic x-ray, but not the bitewings. Davis has some sensitivities and oral aversions because of his cleft lip and palate repair and tooth placement - all things considered he did AMAZING at this appointment and the staff was just so good and patient with him. 

When Dr. Ron looked at his mouth, he identified a few cavities on molars in the back that will need crowns. He'll be consulting with the craniofacial team at Shands later in the week about what they want to do with the teeth that are in the cleft. Once they have consulted we'll be able to schedule another appointment with Dr. Ron to have some of this dental work done under sedation on one of the days when the pediatric anesthesiologist is in their office. 

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