Thursday, March 19, 2015

Track Meet

After receiving the note and field trip form from Coach Glisson earlier in the week, Parker went to his first official track meet today. Held at Forest High School, there were about 10 different elementary schools represented from around the county. Some groups were pretty big and others were fairly small. At least two elementary schools had regular track teams with fancy jerseys. 

Parker's only event for the day was the 800m (or 1/2 mile) with two laps around the track. He and the other boy from South Ocala are in the outside lane. 

And here is Parker crossing the line. He finished 17 out of 18 (and the last guy was a quarter of a lap behind him). We are super proud of him because distance is not his strength and he never quit. He enjoyed his first track experience and had fun cheering on his friends as well. 

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