Monday, April 6, 2015

Birthdays and Easter Presents

After all the worship aspects of the day were done, we headed home to see family in Seffner to celebrate Easter as well as Parker and Uncle Nam's birthdays.

That symbol is the logo for Destiny, one of his favorite video games.

Parker got a lot of great gifts including figurines for his Skylanders game, as well as gift cards for Best Buy, Subway, Twistee Treat and the movie theater. Plus a new hiking backpack for Scouts from Daryl, the boys and I.

They waited patiently all day to open up their Easter presents. New boardgames for family game night and they were plenty excited. 

The boys thoroughly enjoyed their chance to play with their cousins and they did their customary egg hunt in the backyard and got all kinds of goodies. They even enjoyed some play time down at the cousins' house. 

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