Friday, May 29, 2015

Class of 2015 - Round 1 - VPK

Tonight Davis graduated from VPK. We love the partnership that Carousel Early Learning Center has with Druid Hills and that both Wesley and Davis were able to graduate from VPK inside the Druid Hills Fellowship Hall.

Caps and gowns all set up and ready to go! 

Dais with a friend in front of his timeline. All of the kids' final timeline projects were on display. 

Davis with his teacher Miss Tracy. 

Mr Jim Davidson - he and his wife Tammy own and operate the center. 

Lining up to sing songs. It only took us three tries, but we finally had a child who would sing AND dance at the same time in a VPK closing program. And he was enthusiastic about it as well! 

The Florida Alphabet song - Davis was the letter C 

Rockin Numbers Song

Families were invited to come up and sing along for the "Tootie Ta" song

Davis getting his diploma. Miss Tracy and Miss Amy were Davis' VPK teachers, but he has also had Miss Mary and Miss Joey at different times over the last two years.

Davis with Mr Jim and Miss Tammy. These folks have been such a blessing to all of our boys. In the last five years, all three of our boys have spent time at Carousel. They understand our odd schedule as pastors and have worked with us to help make sure we are covered for childcare when we had emergencies.

Davis also got to bring home a portfolio of his work and pictures from his time in class all throughout the year. It is so special to look through and see his growth and development. Remember, just 23 months ago he only spoke Cantonese and was living in an orphanage. 

And his final souvenir from VPK - this awesome hand print shirt!

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