Friday, June 5, 2015

Class of 2015 - Round 2 - Fifth Grade

Here are the boys on Wednesday this week, heading off to the last official day of school in Marion County.

This is the 5th grade class' final walk around the school, lined with parents and kids from the other classes, as they make their way from the 5th grade building to the cafeteria for their graduation. 

Parker spent a lot of time up on stage shaking hands and receiving awards. Here he is receiving his first recognition of the day, a certificate and medal for his participation in the school's first Lego Robotics team. He would go up 9 more times before his diploma: for recognition of his participation in Safety Patrol, for recognition of his participation in the WSOE morning news show, three awards from FLAME for participation in essay and drawing contests (one of which he was a finalist in), for recognition of reaching 320.5 AR points - the third highest score (framed certificate and medal), recognition of being on the A/B Honor Roll for the year (certificate and medal), for recognition of being on the honor roll for all of elementary school (certificate and trophy), and for the principal's award which recognized honor roll students with a certain FCAT score.

This is Parker walking across the stage to receive his diploma. They went up by homerooms and his was the first and Parker was the first child alphabetically. 

Mr. Cooke's 5th grade homeroom class

This is all of the 5th grade classes up front to sing a song together.

Celebrating with Parker after his graduation! 

All the graduation loot! We are so incredibly proud of all that Parker was able to accomplish and experience during this last year of elementary school. It is so hard to believe that he will be entering middle school in the fall.

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