Monday, August 24, 2015

First Day of School

Last night, we sat down and read this book with Davis. We've read it with all the boys the night before kindergarten. It was a gift from Parker's VPK teachers back in Hudson.

The boys were all excited about heading to school. New school clothes and backpacks were all laid out on the guest bed so we would be organized this morning. Davis was apparently awake a bit longer than Wesley and redecorated his bed onto the floor before crashing with his brother. 

Wesley woke us up at 4:15am today all excited to go to second grade! Don't worry we sent him back to bed! Davis woke up at 6:15 and wanted to get dressed up before breakfast. The middle schooler thankfully waited until it was time to wake up at 7:15am. Here are all the boys ready to go for the first day of the 2015-2016 school year in Lake County.

Parker - 6th grade - Carver Middle

Wesley - 2nd grade - Fruitland Park Elementary

Davis - Kindergarten - Fruitland Park Elementary

Watch out world - here they come! 

Elementary school here starts at 8:25am. We parked at the church and walked over to the school since there was so much first day school traffic. We were able to walk them both right to their classrooms on this first day. 

Wesley with Mrs. Kinnard 

Davis with Mrs. Bishop 

We hung out with some of the other kindergarten parents at the Boo Hoo/Yee Haw breakfast sponsored by the PTO in the cafeteria. Then we went to drop Parker off for his first day of middle school. School there starts at 9:20am.

Still trying to figure out how we got from this kindergartener to this middle schooler!

In the afternoon the little boys rode the bus to camp for After School Adventures. We picked Parker up from school when he got out at 4:10pm and then headed over to get the rest of the crew for a celebratory dinner at Johnny Rockets. Everyone had a VERY good first day of school in their new environments: liked their schools, teachers, classmates, got good behavior reports and managed to navigate the lunch lines in the cafeteria for food. Plus, Parker was able to get a schedule change this morning into band instead of PE which he was very happy about. We're off to a great start and praying for many more great days to come in this school year!

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