Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Sounds of Christmas

Last Sunday evening the church's Music Ministry put on two performances of their Christmas program - "The Many Moods of Christmas." It involved the handbell choir, the chancel choir, a mixed ensemble, the ladies ensemble and the children's choir. Daryl gave the welcome and invocation at both concerts. Wesley sang two songs with the Children's Choir and I had the opportunity to sing a small solo on the song "All Is Well" along with the whole choir. It was a great to be included in any way in such a wonderful music program. And it was neat to be able to participate in it with Wesley; I have such fond memories of singing in choir cantatas with my dad and my Grandma and Grandpa Keller over the years. The whole concert is available for viewing on the church's vimeo channel along  with all of our videotaped sermons (

Here's my solo from the second concert: 

Here's the children's choir at the second concert as well:

And this was Davis during the first concert.....
all snuggled up with Mary, one of the members of our church staff

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