Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day

We were excited to host the family from Tampa for Mother's Day on Sunday. Daryl's parents plus Daniel's crew and Uncle Kelly and Uncle Nam made the trip up for worship at the 11am service and then to the house for lunch afterwards. 

A couple of the big kids couldn't resist a quick game of 4 square when they were touring the new upstairs classrooms!  

Grandmommy's present from us was a Grandkids blanket. 

My boys gifted me with cool new flip flops (with interchangeable decorations), a ladybug tea infuser, three new kinds of tea, plus a handmade bookmark and a book of poems about Mom. 

We made sure to get some good family pictures as well. 

The boys and Bella spent some time hanging out on the couch and watching the Lightning in the playoffs. 

And we managed some basketball time outside too. 

The little guy especially tried to take advantage of as much snuggle time as he could get with Grandmommy! 

It's really nice to have the space where we can entertain and have the family up for celebrations like this. It was wonderful to be able to spend the day together! 

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