Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Great Clothes Swap of 2016

So in the last week we've gone through all of Parker's clothes and Wesley's clothes and completed the great clothes swap of 2016. Both of them had outgrown all their pants. We were fortunate to have a bunch of clothes to hand down to Parker still set aside from one of our teacher friends in Ocala. 

But these clothes here? The dining room is full of all the clothes that were currently in Davis' dresser and closet. Ranging in size from 2T to 5/6. Other than a handful of items, this is the first time that we've had to do a purge of Davis' clothes since he came home 3 years ago! Lots of these are being set aside to give to another local family. 

And the guest room right now is full of all the clothes waiting for Davis to grow into them. There's 20 pair of pajamas alone in one of those stacks! These clothes range from size 5/6 to size 8. Looks like he will have clothes for several years to come. 

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