Thursday, June 16, 2016

Vacation Bible School Adventures

Sunday night Parker and the rest of the youth group spent time helping get the decorations up for VBS in the Sanctuary. 

Then on Monday night it was time for VBS - finally!!!! It was our only night to attend before leaving for Annual Conference in Orlando. There were so many wonderful volunteers and everything was so WELL done. Even with the rain, we had over 125 children from the church and the community in attendance. 

The Cave Quest themed decorations were everywhere down the hallways. WOW! 

Wesley and Davis went with their age groups for the evening and had a lot of fun. Parker got to pitch in as an assistant crew leader for the night with one of the preschool groups. When they all came back together in the sanctuary for the closing time, Davis didn't even blink when he saw Mama and Baba. He stayed with his crew and participated - singing and doing all of the dance motions. It was so neat to see him so captivated and participating fully! 

We hated to miss the rest of the week because we know they are going to have lots and lots of fun! But it's such an amazing thing to know that all the staff and these great volunteers are keeping everything running smoothly! 

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