Monday, July 18, 2016

Boy Scout Camp

Parker spent all of last week at Camp Rainey Mountain in Clayton, Georgia, with Boy Scout Troop 143 from our church. They left at 4am on a Sunday morning - this was our boy standing with all of his stuff waiting to get picked up by one of his scout leaders on his way to the church! 

This is Parker's second time at Camp Rainey Mountain - he went last year with his previous troop from Ocala. So he was familiar with the layout of the camp and its activities and had a great time. The troop leaders did a great job of taking pictures everyday and posting them on Facebook for parents to follow around. The scenery is absolutely beautiful. 

Parker ended up earning several merit badges while he was there - Rifle, Citizenship in the World, Salesmanship - and also earned a lot of requirements towards his Archery merit badge as well as Emergency Preparedness. 

Thursday evening the group headed up to Franklin North Carolina for a little fun at an arcade called the Factory. Parker caught up on his sleep on the way there! 

He came home late Saturday night safe and sound, exhausted and stinky, but so happy at the wonderful week of camp he had experienced. And we are all certainly glad to have Parker back at home again.

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